In Ear Earphone Mini Mono Bluetooth Headset with Charger


In Ear Earphone Overview The world loves music and everyone has a different taste in music. There are times when you want to hear music on your speakers and times when you want to hear it alone. When it comes to listening to your favorite music alone, headphones are your choice. Now, headphones are of many different types. You can buy over-ear, on-ear and in-ear headphones depending on which one you like the most. While over-ear and on-ear headphones were popular headphones of the past, in-ear headphones are now the most favorite ones. Here are the reasons why in-ear earphones are loved so much. In Ear Earphone Technological Testing Noise Cancelation One of the most important things when hearing music

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Bluetooth Stereo Headphone JOWAY® iOS Android FREE Delivery


Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Features Overview This bluetooth stereo headphone is using Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone and the bluetooth stereo headphone offers nice features and overall functionality. The bluetooth stereo headphone is compatible with any Android or iOS device, including iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It has really stylish and modern design, and comes it two colors: black, with blue LED circle and beige, with white LED circle. Build quality is really nice and the bluetooth stereo headphone feels like good quality plastic material. Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Testing Weight is only about 8g/0.3oz and you bascally can’t feel it because the bluetooth stereo headphone is so light. Battery is 80mA rechargeable lithium-ion and it should be enough for hours of usage since this is low-consumption and high-efficiency device.

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Phone Camera Lens Universal Night Version with Clip FREE Delivery


Phone Camera Lens Features If you like to shoot many photos, this photo lens might be right thing for you. The phone camera lens is suitable for a variety of occasions and it is very convenient to use. The phone camera lens can make a really good companion for you to take many wonderful pictures. The best thing about this monocular lens is its universality, so it will fit any phone or digital camera. The phone camera lens has dual focusing function which is more accurate and easy to use. Phone Camera Lens Testing The phone camera lens is made of high quality and durable materials and it comes only in black color. Aluminum alloy, optical glass and polycarbonate are materials which are used in in this gadget. Using is

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Sports earbuds SYLLABLE® Wireless Bluetooth FREE Delivery


Sports earbuds SYLLABLE® Features Overview This bluetooth sports earbuds is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, such as Android or iOS smarthones. The sports earbuds supports Bluetooth V4.0 version and can be paired simply and safely.It comes in black or white color and is made of ABS and PC materials, which is basically high quality plastic. Weight is only 9g/0.31oz and the sports earbuds is really comfortable to wear it. It is in-ear design, lightweight and portable. Build quality is very decent. Sports earbuds SYLLABLE® Hands on Testing Interesting thing is that there are two mods, single and double: only right earpiece supports it and the sports earbuds can work alone or together with left. Left earpiece can’t work alone. The containing box is also the charging station. The sports

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Dodocool Portable Solar Power Bank with LED FREE Delivery


Dodocool Power Bank Features Overview Smartphone manufacturers have done a great job of making smartphones what they are today. They have great cameras, huge storage capacities, blazing fast processors and whopping 4GB to 6GB RAMs. However, there is one area about which their customers have been complaining for quite some time now. It’s the low performance of their batteries. While they are making their batteries bigger on new phones, the screen brightness and other factors drain the battery faster than one can imagine. The best solution for smartphone users for their constantly dying batteries is the power banks. Dodocool Power Bank Testing Power banks are like spare batteries but in a better form and shape. While they are meant for

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Fish Eye Lens Universal for Smartphones Global Delivery


Fish Eye Lens Overview The world of photography is beautiful. Photographers are the people who bring the beauty, mysteriousness and treasures of the world to the public. The world is already taking great pictures with smartphones, but a professional photographer can do what untrained people can’t. Photographers understand the depth of photography and they look at a picture like most people don’t. This is why they have professional setups for taking pictures and not just the latest smartphone with some 23MP camera. In their huge photography setup, they will almost always have a Fish eye lens – a lens that mimics the fish’s eye. Fish Eye Lens Technological Features The Fish eye lens will cover 180-degree angle when you take the picture. You

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Wireless Charging Pad Portable Ultra Slim FREE Delivery


Wireless Charging Pad Features Overview Portable Qi charging pad is a new device which can help you save some time when charging your smartphone or tablet. It provides you with future of device charging, it is easy and wireless. The wireless charging pad magically updates your smartphone experience, with safe and efficient freedom life. Forget about your wired worries and enjoy wireless freedom. The wireless charging pad has ultra thin design, so it is very compact and portable. Fashion triangle pattern appearance on top gives modern look to it and it is equipped with breathing light function. The wireless charging pad comes it three variants: black (with blue triangle pattern), yellow (with white triangle pattern) and white (with yellow triangle pattern). Wireless Charging Pad Testing

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Lightweight Earphone Tangle- Free Universal Stereo FREE Delivery


Lightweight Earphone Overview Mrice Stereo lightweight earphone has unique design and appearance thanks to its red colored  cable which offers tangle-free performance and durability. Part which goes into the ear comes in two optional colors, white and black. High build quality is ensured with extensive use of lightweight materials which are ensuring comfortable wearing experience and minimizing discomfort, even for several hours. Annother good thing about these earphones is using 6N oxygen-free copper wire in more than 20 circles which proves to be about twice as tough as other ordinary lightweight earphone. Lightweight Earphone Features And really, cable and lightweight earphone feel solid and high quality in hand and it seems like they are really durable. When we speak about sound, it is

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Tablet Keyboard CHUWI® Portable Separable FREE Delivery


Tablet Keyboard CHUWI® Introduction With the passage of time, portability of items became a thing for people around the world. Much of the stuff being used by people today is not technologically new. These technologies have existed for decades now. The main thing that engineers have worked on in the past couple of decades is compactness and portability. Smartphones have become the most favorite thing for individuals in all parts of the world because it feels like carrying a computer in your pocket. Desktop computers first turned into laptops and now they have turned into tablets. Tablet Keyboard CHUWI® Hands on Testing In simple words, tablets are nothing but more compact and portable form of laptops. They make use of

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Wireless Remote Controller Universal for iOS Android


Wireless Remote Controller Introudction The lives of modern people are unbelievably easy compared to the lives of the people in the past. You needed months to send a message from one country to another country because the messenger had to travel on horses, donkeys and what not. The world has gone so far in technology that you can send a message to the other side of the planet with the click of a button. To make it even better, you now have remote controls that allow you to control your gadgets without requiring any wires or cables. It’s like your machines are your slaves now. wireless remote controller allows you to control almost any gadget from a distance. When you

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